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Your website should absolutely be thought of as one of the single most important assets within your business.

New customers learn what you do as a business and whether you are the right company to help them, all from looking at your website.

They decide whether they would like to contact you or not, based on key fundamentals that we focus on with every website, such as:

• How your website looks
• What your website says (including spelling and grammar)
• How easy it is to enquire with you
• How fast your website loads
• If your website is secure
• If your website’s pages work as expected (i.e. they don’t arrive at broken pages)

If Your Website Masters all of the Above, the Customer will Have a Pleasant Experience Browsing Your Website, Making it Much More Likely That They Will Contact You

That, combined with effective marketing and/or SEO, is the secret to having a successful website.

Think About it This Way…

If you go in to a large brick and mortar store and you’re looking for a particular item, you first have to actually travel there (which takes time and costs money), then you have to enter the store amongst other customers also looking for their own products, then you have to spend time finding the correct isle that the product you need resides in, then the store actually has to have the product in stock (and there’s no way you could know if they do beforehand), then you have to wait in a queue to pay and, finally, you travel home.

Instead, take Amazon as an example: you go to Amazon, search for what you would like to purchase, click to buy and it’s delivered next day – and all of this can be done in under one minute.

Which is the better experience?

Websites are Increasingly Becoming the Preferred
way to Find Products or Services Online

It’s faster and less expensive for the customer, which is why it’s important that you have a great website with all of the aforementioned fundamentals in place.

Overall, having a great website is how your business will receive increased enquiries and/or sales.

How We Set You Up with a New Website

Our process for getting you set up with a great website could not be simpler.

  1. We have a brief phone conversation to understand what your requirements are and send you a quotation by email
  2. We create a no obligation, mock-up website to show you how your website and its design could look (this takes between 1-3 weeks)
  3. We take 50% deposit and proceed with implementing any of your amends (content, website design, etc.)
  4. We make the website live when you’re absolutely happy

What the Completed Website & Website Design will Look Like

When your website is completed and we have launched it to be viewable to the general public, it will:

  • Have extremely fast loading times on our UK-based servers
  • Be mobile-friendly, where the website adapts to any screen size (laptop/tablet/phone) and is easy to use on any device
  • Have a highly professional website design that matches your business’s brand identity (colours, fonts, logo, etc.)
  • Be secure, where we install an SSL certificate to encrypt customer data submitted to you via your website, helping to protect sensitive customer information from hackers
  • Be reliable, as a result of your website being hosted on high-performance servers with weekly backups to ensure that we always have an up to date version of your website to restore from
  • Be easy to edit, where you can log in and change text, images and more, all within seconds and we will be here to support you and help you to become self-sufficient with your website (or you can send updates through to us to amend for you)

Recent Examples of our Websites

Potski Media

Rural Homes UK

Arc & Foundry

NC29 Ltd

Pro X Sports

Best Gas & Heating

Your Investment: Website Design

Every website is unique, in terms of the requirements. Some websites may be complex, while others may be much simpler.

Our websites start from a one-off fee of £500, with flexible payment terms to help your business’s cashflow. We also charge a monthly hosting and support fee of £29.

For a more accurate web design quotation, simply call us on 01522 300 165
or use our online enquiry form.

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