Why Your Business Should Have Your Facebook Posts Managed for You

Do you find yourself scrambling to create a Facebook post when you realise that you haven’t posted to Facebook in some time?

Do you struggle to post something truly creative and engaging and instead post about a certain product or service of yours?

Perhaps you never have the time to update your Facebook page with new posts?

Facebook Post Management solves all of the above problems.

Most Businesses Think That People Follow Them on Facebook to be Notified of Products or Services They Have to Offer

While this is true for global brands who have invested enormous sums of money in the marketing, such as Coca Cola or Apple, the truth is that people don’t want to hear about your products or services on Facebook… all the time.

Quick tip: Don’t post the same exact thing to all of your social media platforms at the same time. This looks lazy to your followers.

Posting every now and again on Facebook about your products or services is absolutely no problem at all, but they key is that when you do post something new, that your followers stop to take a look, whilst they’re scrolling through the endless pit of Facebook posts, full of people’s Instagram-worthy dining photos or the next ‘cute dog video’.

How do you Entice Your Followers to Stop Scrolling to See What you Have Posted?

You have to create posts that resonate with your followers – something that invokes an emotion, such as happiness or suspense.

This could mean posting a picture of one of your employee’s dogs that they brought to work as part of #officedogs, and everybody loves to see pictures of our canine friends.

The point is: If you regularly post good content, people won’t mind when you post about your products or services and they may even click the link to find out more and buy, because you did the hard work to build up that relationship with your followers.

The problem is: You’re a business owner and you’re extremely busy, and it still doesn’t get away from the fact that time is limited and it does take time to plan out a social media strategy and stick to it, and that is the beauty of our Facebook Post Management service.

Example Facebook Post with High Engagement

About our Facebook Post Management Service

We create great content on behalf of you and your Facebook page that your followers will engage with, helping you to develop your brand through social media, gradually increase the number of loyal followers that you have and sales that you receive through Facebook.

Another benefit to consider: In the world we are living in currently, if customers see that your business is regularly posting to your Facebook page, they have reassurance that you’re still operating and in business. If they see a post from 2018 or even 2019, they may assume that you’re out of business, or it is an obstacle for a customer to have to contact you to see if you are still operating, which very few customers would do. Instead they would find a different company who does look active on social media, has Covid19 policies on their website, etc. Therefore, Facebook Post Management also helps in this regard.

How We Set You Up with our Facebook Post Management Service

Our process for getting you set up with a Facebook Post Management could not be simpler.

  1. We have a brief phone conversation to understand what your business is about, then we send you a quotation by email for the amount of posts we think would be suitable per week to create on behalf of your business (this is typically from 3 per week).
  2. If you’re happy with the quotation, we request admin access to your Facebook page and get to work creating and scheduling your Facebook posts

Get in Touch

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