Why Your Business Should be Advertising on Facebook

The fact is that there are over 2 billion people actively using Facebook and your potential customers are on there, using the platform each and every day.

Facebook is a Social Media Platform That is Full of Never-Ending Content Created by its Users, Allowing you to Endlessly Scroll Through Updates from Friends, Family and Businesses or Brands That you Like

It’s still the leading social media platform in 2020 and its users, on average, spend around 58 minutes on the platform every single day, which is not difficult to believe.

Facebook is a strong platform to advertise on for this reason.

Facebook advertising is not like Google where customers are searching for a product or service (i.e. they are in the market for what they are searching for). Essentially, you are reaching out ‘to’ potential customers first, and in a broader way.

That means that potential customers on Facebook may not necessarily be in the market for your products or services, however that just means that there needs to be more of an incentive or an urgency for a person to click on your ad.

Conversely, there are much fewer advertisers to compete with on Facebook in a given area (giving you an advantage on Facebook), in comparison to a Google search result page where there are dozens of results and ads in a given area.

Facebook ads are also a great way to create awareness of your brand, and this is particularly relevant for higher value products or services as customers may not purchase or enquire there and then – they ponder and think about it. If you are continually advertising, a potential customer will see your ad again and again over a period of time, until they finally click on your ad that last time to buy from or enquire with you.

In summary, success from Facebook advertising comes from creating urgency or incentive for a person to click your ad, or from continually advertising until a customer is ready to proceed.

How Much do Facebook Ads Cost to Run?

The beauty of Facebook advertising is that we can make almost any budget work effectively for your business. If you are able to dedicate anywhere from £3 to £10 per day, this is a great starting point. For Facebook ads, we typically see the cost per interaction (website click, like, comment, etc.) for our clients’ Facebook Ads average at around £0.09 to £0.60 per interaction.

Video ads and lead form ads can be more costly, whilst being more effective, however all we need to know is your budget and we will create a strategy that works for you.

Your Website and Facebook Ads

Our expertise revolves around understanding the customer journey and a part of that customer journey is when the potential customer visits your website.

Part of our service is assessing whether your website needs any enhancements, as you can spend thousands on Facebook Ads, but if you’re not seeing any results, it’s probably because there are issues with your website.

If your website does not clearly explain what you do, if it loads slow, if it looks dated, if it’s difficult to contact you, if the customer cannot obtain the information they need, if your website is not secure, etc. these are all red flags to the website visitor and they will simply leave your website, resulting in you losing money for the cost of the ad click and the cost of losing the customer.

For best results, we recommend we redesign and manage your website or have access to it, so that we can make improvements to your website every month as part of our ad management service.

When we begin working with you on your Facebook Ads, we install Google Analytics on your website that allows us to see how visitors are behaving on your website:

• Do visitors leave on the first page they visit?
• Do they stay for only a few seconds before leaving the website?
• Do they visit other pages on your website?
• Does a specific page take a long time to load?
• What are the most visited pages?
• What are the least visited pages?

This is all information that we analyse each month where we identify which pages need improving and then implement those improvements, to achieve the best results from your advertising efforts.

About our Facebook Ads Management Service

We don’t just set up your Facebook Ads and leave you to your own devices – we take all of the hassle away from you and manage your ads for you.

  • We ensure that the ads we create for you are running as efficiently as possible (meaning we’re always developing your ads to get the most clicks for your monthly Facebook advertising budget – utilising video and image ads to grab the attention of your potential customers)
  • Anytime you would like to boost awareness of a new offer/service, we can create a new ad on Facebook
  • We monitor your ads to ensure they do not appear to people that would have no interest in your products (i.e. if you are a driving instructor looking for new students, we ensure your ads do not show to people with the job title of ‘driving instructor’ as they are not relevant), which saves you money because we can determine exactly where and who we can show your ads to
  • Most importantly – we provide you with a monthly report which details how your Facebook ads are performing and periodically create new ads to test which ads perform better for you
  • We will also provide guidance on your Facebook posts to improve engagement with your followers or we can manage your Facebook posts for you as part of our Facebook Post Management service

How We Set You Up with Facebook Ads

Our process for getting you set up with a Facebook Ads could not be simpler.

  1. We have a brief phone conversation to understand what your business is about, the geographical area you are looking to target and we then send you a quotation by email, including the demographics you can be targeting on Facebook and what you can be expecting to pay per click for your ads and how many clicks you can expect to receive
  2. If you’re happy with the quotation, we get to work setting up your Facebook ads
  3. We then add your debit/credit card directly to Facebook’s billing system, so that they can bill you directly for clicks your ad receives and we then enable the ads to go live

All of the above can be completed within 2-3 days, so you could literally be advertising on Facebook in a very short space of time, where targeted, relevant potential customers will be clicking on your ads and visiting your website.

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