What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is using forms of digital media to create awareness of your business.

That could be using Google Ads to advertise your business on searches relevant to your business.

It could even be Facebook Ads to entice your ideal audience to see your ads and click through to your website or watch your promotional video.

Digital Marketing Enables you to Utilise the Many Platforms out There to Increase Your Sales or Generate More Enquiries

Another way to define digital marketing is web-based advertising, i.e. no offline advertising, such as billboards or TV ads.

Digital marketing allows you to be specific as to where and who you can advertise to, whilst providing valuable data as to how your marketing efforts are performing – something that radio, TV or billboard advertising does not offer, yet digital marketing is considerably less expensive than the cost for these offline advertising mediums.

Why an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy is Important

With digital marketing, your business will:

• Be prominent in Google search results
• Have ads displaying on websites that your target market frequently visits
• Be able to advertise to your ideal and specific target demographics on Facebook with video or image ads
• Be able to regularly email customers or communicate to loyal followers through social media (which is, essentially, free marketing)
• Be able to track whether ads lead to enquiries or sales
• Be able to see monthly progress of how your digital marketing ads and website are performing (where you can see how long people are staying on your website, the percentage of visitors that bounce off your website back to the previous page, the number of new visitors, the most popular webpages and more)

Digital Marketing Allows you to Quantify your Marketing Efforts and to see How Effective Your Advertising is

There are four digital marketing areas that we choose to specialise in and can set up and manage for your business:

1. Google Ads
2. Facebook & Instagram Ads
3. Facebook Post Management
4. Mass E-Mailing

What Type of Digital Marketing Does Your Business Need?

Not all forms of digital marketing need to be implemented for your business, as they may not be appropriate or relevant, and may not yield results.

For example, the majority of Instagram users are based in the USA (over 110m+ users), whilst in the UK there are 23m+ users and most of the user base are between 18 to 34 years old, but with an almost even split between male and female users.

That means that if you are selling something that appeals to an older demographic, it is unlikely that you will have much success on Instagram, in comparison to Facebook where 11% of its users are 55-65+ and are active on the social network consisting of 2 billion users.

In most cases, we always recommend Google and Facebook advertising and here’s why…

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second.

In the time it took you to read the above sentence, that’s 106,400 search queries have taken place on Google.

The reason Google process so many search queries every second is because it is an extremely useful tool and it’s almost always the first website people go to when they begin browsing online.

In our opinion, the best part about Google is people are literally searching for what they want, i.e. what they are in the market for right now, meaning they are ready to buy from or contact businesses like yours.

How do you Get Visitors from Google?

The first method is Search Engine Optimisation, which we go into detail here, but in terms of digital marketing, Google Ads allow you to advertise on search results that it would take time to rank for ‘organically’ (i.e. non-paid results in Google). You can also advertise on websites that your target market frequent.

How can your business start advertising on Google?
Learn more here.

How do you Get Visitors from Facebook?

With Facebook advertising, this is a great way to reach your target market, as we can be very specific with the demographics that we display video or image ads to. Facebook is a ‘broader’ method of digital marketing, as the people you advertise to may or may not be in the market to purchase from or enquire with you, but we believe that, unlike Google, you’re not competing with nearly the amount of ads as you do on Google.

Facebook advertising also works exceptionally well when you create urgency or impulsiveness, perhaps with a sale or an enticing video of people having lots of fun at your location. Our advertising tactics and ad design entices Facebook users to want to learn more about the ad, resulting in a more successful digital marketing campaign.

How can your business start advertising on Facebook?
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