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Logo Design & Branding for Your Business

Logos allow people to identify businesses.

We all know what the Apple logo looks like, or the Sky, Sony or Nike logos, and when we see these logos (on the ad boards inside a football stadium, on billboards, on packaging, etc.), we are reminded what the business sells and, at a later point, we may buy something from that brand (or consider it) because we are ‘aware’ of the brand.

Likewise, if we don’t see these logos in some time, we tend to forget about the brand and not buy from them.

We focus on creating bespoke logos that communicate what the business does, in a single glance, to customers.

Here are some of our recent example logos:

Once the logo is finalised, we can even create business card and flyer designs too and quote for the printing cost, to make it as easy as possible for you.

The Process

  • We ask for any design requirements from you (if any)
  • We put pencil to paper and start sketching up various ideas, then digitise and finesse the best three or four ideas, and send them to you
  • You send us any amendments for the logos and we send you revised version until you’re absolutely happy
  • When you are happy, we ask for full payment and send you all the files you would need (for social media, van signage, etc.)
  • At this point, we would then begin working on business card and flyer designs if you require


  • A one-off fee of £120 for the design of your logo and all the standard logo files you would need
  • (Optional) A one-off fee of £80 for business card design + printing cost TBC
  • (Optional) A one-off fee of £100 for flyer design + printing cost TBC


  • How long before I can see a first draft? Usually within one week.
  • Will I own the rights to the logo? After we receive full payment, you own the rights to your logo.
  • Can I put you in touch with my printer or signage company so you can give them all the files they need? Absolutely! We do this often for clients.
  • Can you put the logo on my website too? We certainly can, but we would need to quote for this. Please contact us on 01522 300 165 to discuss this. We can even talk about a website redesign too if you like.

Call us on 01522 300 165 to discuss your logo requirements or complete the form below to get started.