Starting an E-Commerce Website or Improving an Existing Online Store

We believe that e-commerce is about making it easy for you to sell your products online and giving your customers a great experience.

As an E-Commerce Business Owner, you Should be Able to:

• Add/edit/delete products easily
• Manage or automate shipping costs
• Control how much stock is available for customers to buy
• Sync your products and inventory with Amazon or eBay
• Allow customers to create accounts to make future purchases easier
• Be able to accept payments via one of the leading Payment Providers (Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc.)
• And more

Customers Should be Able to:

Easily purchase the products they want to buy in as few steps as possible and on any device, they should be able to purchase using PayPal or by entering their credit/debit card, to sign up to your newsletter and receive discount codes they can use in the checkout area, experience fast loading times and have confidence that they are shopping on a secure website.

Giving Customers Great First Impressions of Your Online Store is
the First Hurdle with any E-Commerce Business

This means your online store should have a professional, modern design, it should look up to date, it should have notices ready to be shown at the top of your website to manage expectations during pandemics or holiday periods and more.

Our expertise are in implementing the core fundamentals that make e-commerce websites successful.

We want to work with online stores to help them generate new customers, whilst retaining and nurturing existing customers and increase the number of items that a customer adds to their basket in a single order.

We believe that e-commerce websites that have a high proportion of customers adding more than one item to their basket are the businesses that continue to be sustainable and grow, and that is our ultimate goal with every business we work with.

Features we can Implement on E-Commerce Stores

It is important to have as many tools as possible in your e-commerce arsenal to increase sales on your online store, such as:

  • Abandoned cart recovery (automatic emails to customers who did not complete their purchase)
  • Email address capture (popups to incentivise people to sign up to your mailing list with a discount code they can use on your online store after signing up)
  • Gift Messages (allow customers to send gifts and include a personalised message along with the order)
  • Cross-selling (display other related products in a non-evasive way on individual product pages that they can add to cart there and then)
  • Free shipping (offer free shipping to customers to incentivise them to complete their purchase)
  • Discount codes (offer as many discount codes as you like and limit their use if required)
  • Bulk discounts (offer variations of an individual product where they can buy more and save more)
  • Sync your products and stock levels with Amazon or eBay
  • Connect Printful or Printify for automated print-on-demand order fulfilment
  • Guest checkout (allow people to bypass creating an account to make it easier and faster to check out)

How We Set You Up with a Your New/Improved E-Commerce Store Website

Our process for getting you set up with a great online store could not be simpler.

  1. We have a brief phone conversation to understand what your requirements are and send you a quotation by email
  2. We create a no obligation, mock-up website to show you how your e-commerce website could look with a few example products (this takes between 2-3 weeks)
  3. We take 50% deposit and proceed with implementing any of your amends, setting up shipping fees, payment gateways and import products from your old e-commerce store if possible and/or relevant
  4. We make your new online store live when you’re absolutely happy and you can begin taking orders

What Your Completed Online Store Will Look Like

When your e-commerce website is completed and we have launched it to be viewable to the general public, it will:

  • Have an easy customer journey from adding a product to cart, to checking out and paying
  • Have extremely fast loading times on our UK-based servers
  • Be mobile-friendly, where the website adapts to any screen size (laptop/tablet/phone) and is easy to use on any device
  • Look highly professional and match your business’s brand identity (colours, fonts, logo, etc.)
  • Be secure, where we install an SSL certificate to encrypt customer data submitted to you via your website, helping to protect sensitive customer information from hackers
  • Be reliable, as a result of your website being hosted on high-performance servers with weekly backups to ensure that we always have an up to date version of your website to restore from
  • Be easy to edit, where you can log in and change text, images, manage products, store settings and more, and we will be here to support you and help you to become self-sufficient with your e-commerce website (or you can send updates through to us to amend for you)

Your Investment

Every online store is unique, in terms of the requirements.
Some websites may be complex, while others may be much simpler.

Our e-commerce websites start from a one-off fee of £1750, with flexible payment terms to help your business’s cashflow. We also charge a monthly hosting and support fee of £29.

For a more accurate quotation, simply call us on 01522 300 165
or use our online enquiry form.

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