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Why Posting a Link From one Social Platform to Another is a Waste of Time…

1st November 2018

Do you ever see somebody post a link on LinkedIn that leads to Facebook? Or any link from one social media platform to another? This is an incredibly inefficient use of time, wouldn’t you agree? Read More >

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Posts and Why you Should

14th Oct 2018

According to Zephoria, around ‘293,000’ statuses are posted every 60 seconds on Facebook and on LinkedIn, around 130,000 articles are published each month (according to Foundation Inc). Read More >

How “No, we’re okay thank you” are the Worst Words you can say in Business

13th June 2018

If a new customer called you wanting to buy from you, you wouldn’t say no, would you? If one of your sales people said they could increase your turnover by 50%, would you say no? If improving your website could double your revenue, would you say no? Read More >

Why Failing to Adapt to Market Changes Could Signal the end for Your Business

9th June 2018

In recent weeks, Marks & Spencer, Homebase (sold for £1, yes £1) and Mothercare have announced or expressed the possibility of job losses and store closures in the UK. This news also comes as Tesco announces that they are shutting down their failing e-commerce website ‘Tesco Direct’. Read More >

Sales people have a bad rep, but why?

28th May 2018

We’ve all had the “hello, this is John from X, I’m going to talk at you for the next 30 seconds and you have to endure it”. It’s annoying isn’t it!? Read More >

GDPR is Looming

23rd May 2018

The news is spreading fast about GDPR and how your business needs to be compliant with the new law by the 25th of May 2018. We’re calling it GDPR-day. This new law means that your company must ask your customers for consent before using their data. Read More >

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